Manage Documents – collaborate remotely on important documents.  Never wonder if you have the most current version. Monitor and review contributions, document authorship and dates, before moving finals to archive.

Map Display – tie information to geography. See the boundaries and the surrounding area of your land interests.

Organize Events – increase effectiveness of your team collaboration by keeping important dates, tasks, and contacts in a centrally-managed location.

Search – instantly find the information you are looking for by searching within your own data sets and documents.

Archival – securely preserve important documents, easily move them to historical records, and report on ongoing and historical activity with ease.

Access & Personalization – ensure that security permissions to access projects and files are based on the individual’s role. For example, only those users whose role includes contributing to the project should have the ability to add new documents or edit content of existing documents; others may be able to view content but not have the authority to edit it.

With ConservationTrack, it is easy for users to know to which projects they have access; and depending on the user’s role, links to some projects may not be displayed. With personalization both views and tasks can be targeted to the users to whom they are assigned.