Conservation track is designed to be flexible and extensible by including modules that address common tasks undertaken by land trusts in the course of protecting and managing properties.  Each module is designed to meet your core business needs and can be configured for the specific requirements of your organization.  You can use as few or as many modules as your organization needs to fulfill its mission, and can always add more as your organization grows and your needs change.

Two of the most frequently adopted ConservationTrack modules are explored below.

Real Estate Transactions (Acquisition & Conveyance Out)

With the tools available in the acquisition module, the business process of managing acquisitions is greatly simplified. 

  • Document repositories are configured with templates for capturing the required information, and task lists are used for ensuring that no important detail is left out.
  • Project team members can collaborate on their artifacts by checking out/ editing/ approving/ checkingback in the documents.
  • Documents can also be sent for approval to colleagues and counterparts by using workflow automation features.
  • Finalized closed documents are automatically routed for archival, and project status reporting is surfaced to a dashboard view where management can monitor the progress of multiple acquisition projects at once. 


Land stewardship and conservation easement management can require a large degree of collaboration among a number of geographically dispersed parties, and must be able to meet audit and future legal challenges.

  • All of the reports and photo documentation is available in a file repository specifically configured for the needs of the stewardship project.
  • Saves search time and ensures that the right files are archived for reporting purposes, while others remain open for collaboration.
  • Status reporting allows for instant project status review for multiple projects through dashboarding – this is true for most ConservationTrack modules.

Other available modules include

Volunteer Management
Board Relations/Communication

These collaborative modules take advantage of an array of calendaring, communication, and security features available in ConservationTrack.