ConservationTrack is designed to support land trusts in operating to the standards articulated by the Land Trust Alliance in promoting responsible land conservation and stewardship. Click on any item in the table below to learn how ConservationTrack can be used to address those needs.

Mission Compliance with Laws Board Accountability Conflict of Interests
Fundraising Financial Management People Management Evaluating Projects
Ensuring Sound Transactions Tax Benefits Conservation Easements Fee Lands


Functionality: Repository/Collaboration/Business Process/Database

Providing a central repository for all information and tools to work better together across distances. Allows staff, volunteers, and board members to increase time spent in the field fulfilling the mission.

Compliance with Laws

Functionality: Repository/Database

ConservationTrack provides a repository for your key records such as bylaws, policies, board minutes, and other organizational records key to comply with state and federal laws. ConservationTrack can also capture review and approval processes, providing a record of who participated and how the processes within the organization have functioned, thus documenting compliance with policies and legal requirements.

Board Accountability

Functionality: Repository/Collaboration/Business Process

ConservationTrack provides a repository to store key records and board materials and also provides the ability to track key milestones or actions the board takes.

Conflict of Interests

Functionality: Repository/Business Process

ConservationTrack can be used to record and track not only when a conflict of interest occurs, but also the documentation of compliance with your conflicts policy, including mitigation utilized, should the land trust choose to move forward.


Functionality: Repository/Collaboration

Other software packages provide functionality for tracking membership, donations, and donors. ConservationTrack can augment or enhance these applications by providing a common repository for emails, documents and letters, as well as provide fundraising staff a common location to centralize their knowledge and collaborate on strategy.

Financial Management

Functionality: Repository/Collaboration

Financial software is a mature technology. ConservationTrack can further augment existing software by providing a common repository for key documents, and collaborative areas for key financial projects or initiatives.

People Management

Functionality: Repository/Collaboration

ConservationTrack is a powerful tool for helping land trusts to manage people. Providing a simple and common repository for key information that can be partitioned based on a user's role (i.e. staff, board, volunteer) provides significant productivity gains.

Evaluating Projects

Functionality: Repository/Collaboration/Business Process/Database

Project evaluation varies from organization to organization, ConservationTrack provides the ability to store common artifacts, track the project portfolio based on each land trust's specific needs, allow staff to collaborate on the due diligence process, and finally provide an archive or record of the transaction to show that standard procedures have been followed.

Sound Transactions

Functionality: Business Process/Database

ConservationTrack can be customized to enforce a consistent process for each transaction. Using software to support a process ensures that each transaction has a high level of consistency and soundness. Furthermore, the transactions are recorded in a database allowing the individual record or an aggregate report to be developed.


Functionality: Repository/Collaboration/Business Process

Records and filings held in a central repository (with access controlled at the appropriate level). Board review process can be centralized prior to filing. 990 easement monitoring data capture and reporting supported as noted below.

Conservation Easements

Functionality: Repository/Business Process

Stewardship of protected land interests managed with centralized records, tracking of field activity and follow up, volunteer management, and reporting (including to IRS on easement monitoring activity).

Fee Land

Functionality: Repository/Collaboration/Business Process/Database

Real estate transaction module begins with opportunity and carries key data through negotiation, drafting, due diligence, execution and, as appropriate conveyance to other holder. Document capture for all is provided for centrally and in an integrated way.