History of ConservationTrack

ConservationTrack was born out of a passion for land preservation. It was developed by The Nature Conservancy with the help of Essention Group, an organization dedicated to helping others manage people, information, work product, and time more effectively. The first version was conceived by the Nature Conservancy's California program in 2003 to address the challenges of monitoring conservation easements in a growing, decentralized program arrayed across large landscapes.

ConservationTrack has since been expanded to address other land trust functions by groups large and small. The power of a secure, central archive, accessible from anywhere on the web, frees up limited staff to focus on their conservation work rather than struggle to find, share, organize and analyze information. ConservationTrack modules now facilitate the core processes of land trusts including real estate transactions, volunteer management, property monitoring, and nearly any requirement where information needs to be secured, shared, and retained.