What is ConservationTrack?

An open source software that continues to be elaborated and refined with contributions from many land trusts:

  • gather, organize and easily access critical information
  • capture institutional knowledge, provide for continuity over time
  • structure for consistency and completeness
  • handle complexity easily
  • ensure the safety and security of information
  • increase confidence of donors
  • efficiently work remotely
  • don’t waste time searching
  • power of data at your fingertips

... a powerful new tool to help land trusts work more productively

Key Benefits of ConservationTrack

On-demand – accessible via the web from anywhere, on-demand 24/7, and no additional software installation is needed. From office or from home, from the field or the coffee shop – an internet connection and a computer are all that you need to manage projects and information.

Secure – proprietary information is stored securely, protected by 128-bit encryption protocols. Secure sign on ensures that you can trace modifications to your files back to each of their respective editors.

Safe – continuous multi site back-ups and multi-tier recycle bins ensure that your information will not be accidentally lost or misplaced. Because information resides on a server, rather than a personal computer, an equipment failure or losing one’s laptop will never result in loss of vital information.

Green – save trees, reduce your carbon footprint, & save money by managing records electronically. No more wasted copy paper, mailing, faxing, or driving to access or review documents, and no need to purchase or manage server hardware.