Why Do You Need ConservationTrack?

Land trust challenges:

  • Donor, public, and government scrutiny is driving the need for standards and a consistent way of doing business - requiring more detailed document and record-keeping systems. 
  • Favorable tax opportunities and changing demographics are generating more transactions - with the number of interests under management increasing.
  • Land conservation is becoming more complex - larger and more challenging transactions are driving the need for multi-party collaboration.
  • Institutional memory and succession planning, integrating a mobile, remote and heavily volunteer workforce, along with a desire to reduce carbon footprint are just a few of the changes land trusts are facing.

ConservationTrack is web-based software that helps land trusts in 3 key ways:

  • Enabling Consistent Adherence to Best Practices: The software has templates that capture activities land trusts have used to comply with LTA standards and practices built into land trust functions such as planning, acquisition, and monitoring.
  • Centralizing Knowledge: The software has ways to store structured information such as transaction dates, acres, owner contact information as well as unstructured information such as notes and email correspondence from land owners. Also, by storing information and knowledge in systems, it moves an organization from tribal lore to sustainable and enduring institutional knowledge.
  • Improving Efficiency: By utilizing the internet, the application and information become ubiquitous. By leveraging the latest technology, the information is secure, searchable, and easy to use, ultimately allowing staff to focus on conservation activities over administration.