About ConservationTrack

ConservationTrack is the Registered Trademark of The Nature Conservancy. EssentionGroup has been licensed by The Nature Conservancy to use its trademarked ConservationTrack name with its customers engaged in conservation activities, including land trusts and government entities. Essention Group provides this software as a service, building and hosting each ConservationTrack site on its servers, ensuring security, providing customization, training, and support. The Nature Conservancy has also partnered with Essention Group to collaborate on and contribute to further refinements of this valuable conservation solution.

Open Source and the ConservationTrack Code

The Nature Conservancy has made the code for ConservationTrack available under an Open Source License. Agencies, Microsoft developers, and others working with SharePoint may use it directly, or may contract with Essention Group to assist in its application to their needs.

Who is Essention Group?

We are dedicated to helping organizations manage their assets more effectively. Assets include people, information, work product and ultimately time. We understand all of these assets are finite and precious resources. It is our goal to make your resources more productive with less effort. Essention Group has leveraged ConservationTrack code to deliver a powerful, secure, efficient, and reliable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It enables land trusts to gain the immediate benefits of ConservationTrack tools and processes without having to invest in hardware and software installation, systems management, information security, and customizations.